White Label Citation Building Services

If you are a business with a physical address there is no doubt you need to rank high on local search results. This becomes even a more important element when you are freshly entering the industry. Building citations is an important algorithm signal which can help your business dominate your local industry.

What are the benefits of building Local citations?

Well organized set of citations with clean and organized NAP consistency would bring your website high rankings on local search results. Citations become even more vital when business move from one address to other or change phone numbers.  NAP( Name, Address, Phone) inconsistency could damage your search engine presence. While building citations we always:

  • ­­Focus On Quality
  • ­­Avoid Duplication
  • ­Carefully Verify

Enterprise level agencies, hundreds of businesses from different niches are using our local citation building service every month to get their brand and website authority up on local search results so they can get more leads and customers. Sign Up to gain instant access to our easy to use dashboard now!

Citation Building Packages

  • SMALL PACK 79$
  • - Full Citation Audit
  • - 30 Citations
  • - 5 Social Media Sites
  • - Submission to Indexer
  • - Detailed Reporting
  • MEDIUM PACK 169$
  • - Full Citation Audit
  • - 65 Citations
  • - 10 Social Media Sites
  • - 10 Photo Citation
  • - 10 Video Citation
  • - Submission to Indexer
  • - Detailed Reporting
  • LARGE PACK 249$
  • - Full Citation Audit
  • - 120 Citations
  • - 15 Social Media Sites
  • - 30 Photo Citation
  • - 30 Video Citation
  • - Submission to Indexer
  • - Detailed Reporting

Importance of Citation Building Services

Local Citation building is one of the most  important aspect of your local search engine marketing  strategy.  It is a key algorithm signal for Local SEO and they have to be consistent across the web. In other words you can get benefit from it only if your listings have the NAP ( Name, address, phone) consistency.  This why we conduct a white label local citation audit at the beginning of each project. This allows us identify current inconsistencies and proceed accordingly.

Keep in mind that algorithm has different signals.

  • The number of existing citations
  • The consistency  of the information in the listings
  • the quality of the URL’s your business is listed on

Have strong influence in your rankings.  Consider search engines as your prospective clients. If your clients have the wrong address this would lead them to a wrong location and they would never come back to you right? Same with the search engines. If your data is inaccurate , inconsistent and not up to date, google wont rank your website high on local search  engine result pages. Basic and simple!

FAQs: Local Citation Building Services

Local Citation service is vital for every business in the industry. If you are a business with a valid address name and phone number your local business citations will play an important role in your local search engine rankings.
After you place an order, an intake form will be sent to you . You will need to fill in your basic business details such as: Name, phone number , address , industry and so on. We start the process as soon as we have this information from your end.
If your company’s name address phone number is inconsistent across different directories this will confuse search engine and this will have a negative impact on your rankings.  In this case you will have to fix the inaccurate information in order to rebuild trust with google.
  • Generic citations such as Yellow Page. .
  • Niche-specific directories related to your niche
  • Geo-specific citations  – based on location.